* 4º ESO

CHALLENGES 2013 – 2014


CHALLENGE 1: THE ANIMAL WORLD (Deadline date 21st October 2013)

Increase your vocabulary by doing this quiz. Write a list with all the new vocabulary and learn it.


CHALLENGE 2: HALLOWEEN PARTY (Deadline date 11th November 2013)

Look at these videos about Ashlie and Stephen’s Halloween party preparation. There are two scenes. Watch them and then do the tasks suggested.

Hallowe’en Scene 1

Hallowe’en Scene 2



CHALLENGES 2011 – 2012

1st TERM:


New Technologies are not always as useful as they seem… Watch this TV commercial and then write between 60/80 words about some of the drawbacks that two other gadgets may have.

CHALLENGE 2: THE SIMPSONS. (Deadline date 14th November)

This time we have something to work out about the popular American TV cartoon `The Simpsons´.

Task 1

Watch both videos and point out 10 differences between them.

Season One The Simpsons intro

The Simpsons new intro

Task 2

Watch the third intro and answer the following questions on it.

Who is Bansky?

What does the second part of the video mean?

*Here you may find some help on this controversial intro:


Task 3

Who is your favourite character from The Simpsons? Describe him/her in 50/60 words.

Now it´s your turn, so, get `simpsonized´ and take the challenge!

CHALLENGE 3: WHO´S THAT GIRL? (Delivery deadline 21st November)

Here you have several pictures of a girl from the 1930s-40s.


A clue… Her surname was Frank.

Task 1

Guess who is the girl from the pictures and answer the following questions with your own words. If you don’t know, search on Internet and find the information.

– What was her name?

– Where was she from?

– Who did she have problems with?

– Which book did she write?

– Why did she become so famous?

Task 2

Imagine that you are now that girl and write a short letter (60-80 words) to your best friend about a “normal” day in your life.

On 7th February 2012 people all over the world celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’s birth. You will probably know that he was a British writer of the Victorian time and you will probably have read some of his books or have watched some of the films based on his works. To celebrate this important date, I suggest you to do this double challenge by searching for information on the Internet. Try to be generous and write IN YOUR OWN WORDS as much as you want following this guideline. Remember that this challenge counts double so write enough. You can use a power point presentation if you want. We may later use it in class.


3rd TERM:

CHALLENGE 1: Go to the 4 ESO page and do the exercises CONDITIONAL SENTENCES – TABLA DE REPETICIÓN. (Delivery deadline 6th April)

CHALLENGE 2: Last 16th April was the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. Do the activity that follows and find information about this event.



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