* 2º ESO

CHALLENGE 1: DAILY ROUTINE (Delivery deadline October 21st)

a) Listen to Kim, Sam and Clare talking about their daily routine and answer the questions you’ll find ON THIS LINK.

b) Choose one of these routines and give your opinion about it. Is it your favourite? Would you like to have a day like this? Why? What part of the day do you like or dislike? Why? (Write about 40-50 words).

CHALLENGE 2: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (Delivery deadline 4th November)

THE CASTLE OF FEAR:  What are the monsters doing in the castle?  Open the following files, look at the picture and do the activities. Send an e-mail to your teacher or print the activities and hand them to her.

The Castle of Fear – Image

The Castle of Fear – Activities

CHALLENGE 3: COLD PLAY – FIX YOU (Delivery deadline 18th November)

Listen to this song and complete these ACTIVITIES

2nd TERM

CHALLENGES 1 AND 2: WHO IS CHARLES DICKENS? (Delivery deadline 27th January)

On 7th February 2012 people all over the world celebrated the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’s birth. You will probably know that he was a British writer of the Victorian time and you will probably have read some of his books or have watched some of the films based on his works. To celebrate this important date, I suggest you to do this double challenge by searching for information on the Internet. Answer each of the questions with at least 2 sentences IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Remember that this challenge counts double. You can use a power point presentation if you want. We may later use it in class.

El pasado 7 de febrero se celebró el bicentenario del nacimiento de Charles Dickens. Probablemente sepas que es un escritor británico que vivió durante la época Victoriana y probablemente habrás leído alguno de sus libros o visto alguna de las películas basadas en ellos. Para celebrar esta fecha, te propongo un RETO DOBLE. Busca información en Internet y contesta a las preguntas que hay en el enlace de abajo. Escribe al menos dos oraciones por cada pregunta y recuerda: ¡UTILIZA TUS PROPIAS PALABRAS, NO COPIES DE INTERNET! o tu reto no contará nada. Hazlo en un Power Point y entrégalo a tu profesora. Estarás participando en un concurso organizado por el Departamento de inglés. El mejor y más original TENDRÁ PREMIO. ¡Vamos, saldrás doblemente beneficiad@ y además aprenderás cosas sobre el autor!


3rd TERM

CHALLENGE 1: Go to this link and do the activities that follow. ENJOY YOUR MEAL! (Deadline date 10th February)



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