John Lewis is a chain of upmarket department stores operating throughout Great Britain and owned by John Lewis Partnership. The first store opened in the mid- 1800s in Oxford Street, London.

Every year they release a Christmas advert which everyone talks about and looks forward to. This one is called “For gifts you can’t wait to give”. Watch it and explain what you think it is about.

Think of the following questions:


1. Why is the boy so nervous?

2. What is he really waiting for? How do you know it?

3. What activities does he do to kill the time?

4. How do his parents feel?

5. What is the slogan for the advert? Explain it.


– upmarket = exclusive and expensive = lujoso, exclusivo

– partnership = owned in asociation with a partner (socio) = sociedad

advert = commercial = anuncio

Advent calendar = it starts a coundown from the 1st of December to Christmas Eve

= calendario de adviento

– tap your fingers = hit softly your fingers against a surface (table, wall, piano …)

= golpetear

– gaze out of the window = look through = mirar fijamente

– cast a spell on … = hechizar, lanzar un hechizo sobre algo


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